Winter Challenge 2014

Winter Challenge LogoOn Saturday 1st March a group of 30th Abingdon Scouts took part in the Oxfordshire Scouts Winter Challenge. Here, three Scouts write about their experience.

Ashley writes: 

We started off at around 7.50 and it was below freezing. Lee’s team (Alert) sprinted to get first but Tom’s (Weather or not) team caught up again. The weather soon got warmer so we took of our coats. We made steady progress to checkpoint 2 and stopped to eat bacon butties at checkpoint 3. There were some icy parts but none were that bad. At checkpoint 6 we stopped to eat lunch and recuperate. Lee found a large stick and insisted on keeping it until just after checkpoint 8. We also saw an air ambulance landing and a lot of foxhunters! On the final stretch between checkpoint 9 and the finish we were all worn out and weak but we kept going and felt a great relief when allowed to sit down at the end. It was a great experience that left my legs very weak.

Lee writes:

The team did really well even though we were it a bit slower this time. We did have a larger team, also more younger ones, Toby did continue to be ahead of the team so age is not everything. From check point 1 to 3 was quick then we stopped for food for a while thus slowing the team down. Then again not really stoping through till point 5 for a cake stop. At a hay bale tower between 6 & 7 during our stop we saw an air ambulance land. At this point I had acquired a small tree which I was carrying around until 8 or 9 when it started to slow me down.Overall we all did well, all of us were good company to each other and all had a good time.

Daniel writes:

On Saturday 1st March I and nine other scouts completed the 18 mile Winter Challenge scout hike. We started in the darkness at 7.50 am and moved through the weather until it was sunny at checkpoint 2 and began to cloud over near the end. We ate delicious bacon butties at checkpoint 3 and there were tuck shops selling tasty chocolate bars and drinks at checkpoint 3, 7 and at the end. We had lunch near checkpoint 6 and watched the air ambulance land in the next field. Altogether we had lots of fun and it was a great experience. I would recommend it to other scouts and I would definitely do it again.

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