The “Quest Hike”

On Saturday the 3rd of February, team Chocolate Bacon attempted ‘The Quest’ incident hike. It was a 16km hike with 16 separate bases with different activities. We had to navigate to these bases using a compass and a map. We completed this challenge in 5hours and 45 minutes: the quickest time of any group!

None of us had done it before so we weren’t sure what to expect: we had to carry our own food, water and sleeping bag..?. The conditions were wet and muddy but that was not able to dampen our spirits! Some examples of the bases are: a wordsearch, a dart board and trying to find things on a map.

We would like to thank Geoff for being our troop shadow and the lift there (and Steve Brewster for the late lift home.) It was a really good challenge and a great day; I look forward to doing it next year.


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