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Summer Camp 2017

At the end of July 2017, 30th Abingdon Scouts went on their annual week-long Summer Camp.  Activities included caving, stand-up paddleboarding, cycling, trampolining and swimming, as well as traditional scout skills.  The scouts cooked in their patrols each day, on stoves and on open fires.

Leo, a scout, wrote about the caving:

On summer camp 2017 as an activity we went caving in Swildon’s Hole with West Sussex Scout Caving Team. We were split into two groups each group had two instructors, in my group we had Sam and Toby. The caves were public and we went in a little hole in the ground then through this very tight bit called the zig zag.  A stream ran through the cave going a long way down and there were some water falls. We went all the way to this place called the 20 foot pot but we did not go down but the other group did. We made our way back towards the top and then through a really tight tunnel into an opening, after that we carried on walking through the caves and up Jacobs Ladder until we found out that we walked in a circle. When we got out we found out that the other group had finished one hour earlier. I would recommend trying caving out and I would like to do it again.

Eddie wrote:

Summer Camp was enjoyable because there was a wide range of activities.  Most of all I loved the cycling because it was exciting to go through the tunnels on an old railway line just outside Bath.  It was nice to go through an old Roman town.  But there were plenty of other things that I liked.  It was fun to cook and eat the food.  There were some mishaps which made us laugh.  We had great fun caving and stand up paddle boarding.  I really enjoyed the whole week and would love to go again.

Another scout wrote:

Scout Camp was brilliant; I like that we got to choose what we cooked and what we did. I also enjoyed the sense of community and that every one pitched in to get something done. I liked that there was never moment when you were standing around doing nothing and always had something to do. We also got to do a wide range of activities from cycling to caving which was great fun. I particularly enjoyed singing and playing around the campfire where I got to know several of the Scouts better.

Photos of the camp are available here.

Family Camp 2016

From the 2nd to the 4th September 2016, beavers, cubs and scouts from 30th Abingdon, and their families, camped at 1st Goring Heath Scout HQ for the group’s annual family camp.

Friday evening was mostly pitching tents and hammocks, and getting everything set up.  After breakfast on Saturday, everyone split into teams and hiked down to 1st Goring HQ.  Teams used either a northern or southern route.

The northern route: 

The southern route: 

Once at 1st Goring, the beavers, cubs, scouts and explorer scouts took part in climbing and everyone took part in the other activities: fire lighting, giant marble run, first aid, craft activities and circus skills.  We invested Tom as a scout while on the climbing wall.

We stayed at 1st Goring until late afternoon when the teams hiked back to 1st Goring Heath using whichever route they did not use in the morning.  The hike back was very wet with torrential rain and streams running down the paths; it was certainly a walk to remember!

Sunday morning involved more activities: sucker archery, slack lining, map making, pioneering, water rockets and more fire lighting.  The young persons and their families were free to choose which activities they wished to join in with.  The fire that resulted from the fire lighting was used to toast marshmallows after lunch before we all packed up and went home.

Some pictures are below, more can be found here.

Thames Ridge District Chess Competition

Chess Competition Shield
The shield for Thames Ridge District Chess Competition

The district chess competition was hosted by the 30th Abingdon Scouts on the 26th November at Abingdon Baptist Church hall. We had 21 Scouts participating which made seven teams. Due to the numbers and time available each game was limited to three minutes. It was a round robin competition where every team had the opportunity play each other. After all the games were played it was a draw on points between 1st Harwell and 30th Abingdon. One last game was played to determine the overall winners. Again, with the time limit imposed, of the three games played by the team’s first game went to 1st Harwell, second a draw and the third to 30th Abingdon. This mean the overall winners was joint between the 1st Harwell and 30th Abingdon.

Many thanks to all who helped organise and transport Scouts and of course to the Scouts who participated. We hope to repeat the event again in November 2015.

Winter Challenge 2014

Winter Challenge LogoOn Saturday 1st March a group of 30th Abingdon Scouts took part in the Oxfordshire Scouts Winter Challenge. Here, three Scouts write about their experience.

Ashley writes: 

We started off at around 7.50 and it was below freezing. Lee’s team (Alert) sprinted to get first but Tom’s (Weather or not) team caught up again. The weather soon got warmer so we took of our coats. We made steady progress to checkpoint 2 and stopped to eat bacon butties at checkpoint 3. There were some icy parts but none were that bad. At checkpoint 6 we stopped to eat lunch and recuperate. Lee found a large stick and insisted on keeping it until just after checkpoint 8. We also saw an air ambulance landing and a lot of foxhunters! On the final stretch between checkpoint 9 and the finish we were all worn out and weak but we kept going and felt a great relief when allowed to sit down at the end. It was a great experience that left my legs very weak.

Lee writes:

The team did really well even though we were it a bit slower this time. We did have a larger team, also more younger ones, Toby did continue to be ahead of the team so age is not everything. From check point 1 to 3 was quick then we stopped for food for a while thus slowing the team down. Then again not really stoping through till point 5 for a cake stop. At a hay bale tower between 6 & 7 during our stop we saw an air ambulance land. At this point I had acquired a small tree which I was carrying around until 8 or 9 when it started to slow me down.Overall we all did well, all of us were good company to each other and all had a good time.

Daniel writes:

On Saturday 1st March I and nine other scouts completed the 18 mile Winter Challenge scout hike. We started in the darkness at 7.50 am and moved through the weather until it was sunny at checkpoint 2 and began to cloud over near the end. We ate delicious bacon butties at checkpoint 3 and there were tuck shops selling tasty chocolate bars and drinks at checkpoint 3, 7 and at the end. We had lunch near checkpoint 6 and watched the air ambulance land in the next field. Altogether we had lots of fun and it was a great experience. I would recommend it to other scouts and I would definitely do it again.

December Camp 2012

The Scouts braved the cold weather to camp and hike at the weekend.

Eight Scouts from the troop camped in the Scout Hut for the weekend.  Aside from camping, games and cooking and the ubiquitous washing up, the Scouts went for an eight mile hike on Saturday from Didcot back to the hall in Abingdon.  They were left to navigate themselves between checkpoints and they all seemed to have a whale of a time.  The route is shown on the Google map below.

View Scout Hike 8/12/2012 in a larger map

On Saturday evening, there was a lot of baking: home-made pizzas for dinner and cakes for the church members to eat after the service on Sunday.  The Scouts attended a Christmas church parade in the church on Sunday and learnt about the Christmas story in the Launch group.

After a hearty lunch of soup and sausage sandwiches, the Scouts cleared up, played games and went home happy. A great weekend for all.

There was a points competition for the 3 patrols that were on camp. The results were:

1st: “Insert name here”
2nd: “Bob Marley’s husband”
3rd: “We like trains custard”

Please excuse the names, the Scouts came up with them themselves.