Survival camps

Camping with minimal equipment is a useful skill. Recently, scouts from 30th Abingdon undertook two “survival” camps, using only a small amount of equipment and hiking to the campsite.  The camps were organised by scouts Luke and Tom.  Scout Dan wrote the following reports on the camp:

Luke’s Camp:

On Luke’s survival camp we hiked to Youlbury starting at the scout hut and going up through Abingdon and Sunningwell. When we arrived at Youlbury we set up our camp which was made of 2 ground sheets under overlapping tarpaulins. The activity we did was Aerial Trek. We cooked noodles on the Trangia and made a fire. Overall this camp was really good and well organised. The activity was great (but an adult has to be present) and the noodles were easy to cook. We made fires which I enjoyed and played games on the field. I think the survival bags could have been better as they weren’t breathable allowing a layer of moisture to build on the inside. On Tom’s camp we hiked from his house in North Abingdon. This improved the hike as it meant we did not have to do the section of the walk that was on the road near the centre of Abingdon and could immediately join a footpath.

Tom’s Camp:

On this camp we hiked from Tom’s house to Youlbury and made camp in a similar way to Luke’s camp. We did go-karting as the activity and the food was noodles. This camp was very good as we had learnt from any mistakes on the last camp – we took more food! Tom’s mother brought all of the group kit such as the camping gear in her car making the hike significantly easier as we did not have to carry extra gear. The food was good and the activity was enjoyable. However, I think it would have been better if the camp had been organised a week or two before as most of the activities I would have preferred to do were all already booked leaving go-karting as the only activity available.

Overall, two days and one night was really good timing as it could be easily fitted into a weekend, was not too expensive and there was plenty to keep us busy.

Photos to follow shortly…

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