Survival Camp 2017

Cooking fish over an open fire
Cooking fish over an open fire. (c) Geoff Soord

In April 2017, Thames Ridge District Scouts held their first ever survival camp and it was a great success.  Here is what one of the 30th Abingdon Scouts, Charlie, had to say about it:

On Saturday 8th April, I attended a county survival camp at Youlbury. Upon arrival our bags were searched to check we hadn’t smuggled treats in to keep us going. We built makeshift shelters that protected us from the worst of the wind, if placed correctly, to sleep in that night. Luckily the weather was glorious so this was almost unnecessary but a great challenge. Each patrol had to cook their own food on small fires, that many struggled to light using tinder from the natural environment with only a flint and steel. We were taught how to use axes and knives to get the tinder and firewood. We had to skin and pluck our food (pigeons and rabbits) as part of the preparation to cook them. Our patrol suffered from a lack of cookery expertise and we ate a lot of raw or hardly cooked food. Overall it was a fun weekend but I came home hungry!

Photos from the camp can be found here.

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