Summer Camp 2015

P1030835Some photos from Summer Camp 2015 are available here and here.  There are videos available too:

Congratulations to the “Chocolate Bacon Banter” patrol who narrowly beat the “G. A. S. Banta” and “T. B. D.” patrols in the camp points competition.

The Scouts were asked to write something about the camp.  Some of their pieces are in the comments section of the post.  Toby wrote:

This year Summer Camp was really fun (as always)! We experienced a wide range of activities such as: cycling from Greenwich to camp (28 miles),
snowboarding in Hemel Hempstead and fishing at Cassoibury Farm. They were fantastic! We had great fun pitching tent and banter in the hammocks, even making up a parody. We all had an immense time although none of it would have been possible without Geoff, Ali and James our wondrous leaders who were with us keeping us safe every step of the way. In short, it was a joy to be at Summer Camp, it was AMAZING!

2 thoughts on “Summer Camp 2015”

  1. Summer camp was very fun the best bit for me was the snowboarding wee all tried and some were better than others but it was fun I would like to go to next year s camp

    Thank you Jeff,James and Allie for coming


  2. Summer camp was really fun this year. I really enjoyed snowboarding and fishing and all the other activities we did such as hiking, long-distance cycling and outdoor swimming. RAF Hendon Museum was very interesting with lots of aeroplanes to look at. We worked in patrols to cook meals, slept outside in hammocks and built bonfires in the evenings. It was my first summer camp and I definitely would like to go again.

    Thanks to the leaders who came on camp and organised everything so well.

    Daniel H

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