District Football competition 2015

On the 14th February Scouts from 30th Abingdon Scout Troop entered the Thames Ridge District Scout Football Competition.  Two Scouts write about their experience below.

I enjoyed the football competition on Saturday because it was good fun. We had 5 players in our team, whereas others had 4 or 6 players.  Charlie played in goal and made some good saves, Daniel and Martin were good in defence and Ale and I scored some goals up front.  We played 7 games and won 5 of them.  Overall, we came 2nd in the whole competition. It was a really fun afternoon, and you don’t have to be good at football to do it, you can do it for fun! I would definitely do it again next year.

I think the tournament went very well. Everyone enjoyed it and had lots of fun.  We did very well and came 2nd! We played with a team of five but no subs, so maybe we could get some more people to join our team? This was a great experience and I think everyone who played in the tournament will want to come again next time, Maybe we could host the scouts five aside footy challenge somewhere in Abingdon? I will definitely come again next time.

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