Cub programme

04/09/2019No meeting
09/09/2019Harvest Parade Service 10: 15
11/09/2019Welcome backPack Forum favourite thing last term or over holidays.

Leaders set cubs personal challenge:
Help at home and keep diary.

Do Best badge
Sandford visit talk
18/09/2019Sandford Hydro Power visit Env Conservation badgeVisit
25/09/2019Do Best (World Badge)Talk about a time when you did your best, and explain how you have kept your promise & laws.

02/10/2019King Conker Conker game and others.

09/10/2019Environmental ImpactTalk from VWHDC Waste team

Town and country planning
Build anywhere. Planning process.
16/10/2019Diwali practical evening Diwali arts and crafts.
23/10/2019Festival Culture (World badge)Diwali
30/10/2019Half Term
06/11/2019Unnamed meeting
10/11/2019Remembrance Day Parade 10:15 cub hut
13/11/2019Unnamed meeting
20/11/2019Unnamed meeting
27/11/2019Traditional games nightBring along a non-digital game to play with a fellow cub. Chess, cards, board game. Not everything good in life is electronic!
04/12/2019Leaders challenge-Diary The idea is to show that most of us need and can offer help to someone else.

So please could all cubs show how they have helped someone for at least 7 days.

On your sheet please put date: Activity: why you helped and a comment from those who were helped eg (could't have done without extra arms, appreciated the extra stroke!.....)

The sheet should act as an aide memoir so they can have confidence in talking to the rest of the pack.

08/12/2019Christmas Parade Service
11/12/2019Unnamed meeting
18/12/2019Christmas post TBC
25/12/2019Happy Christmas
01/01/2020Happy New Year


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