Cub programme

04/09/2019No meeting
09/09/2019Harvest Parade Service 10: 15
11/09/2019Welcome backPack Forum favourite thing last term or over holidays.

Leaders set cubs personal challenge:
Help at home and keep diary.

Do Best badge
Sandford visit talk
18/09/2019Sandford Hydro Power visit Env Conservation badgeVisit
25/09/2019Do Best (World Badge)Talk about a time when you did your best, and explain how you have kept your promise & laws.

02/10/2019King Conker Conker game and others.

09/10/2019Environmental ImpactTalk from VWHDC Waste team

Town and country planning
Build anywhere. Planning process.
16/10/2019Festival prepDiwali arts and crafts
23/10/2019Festival Culture (World badge)Diwali
30/10/2019Half Term
06/11/2019Unnamed meeting
10/11/2019Remembrance Day Parade 10:15 cub hut
13/11/2019Unnamed meeting
20/11/2019Unnamed meeting
27/11/2019Cubs present their leaders challengeIndividual cubs present their diaries
04/12/2019Unnamed meeting
08/12/2019Christmas Parade Service
11/12/2019Unnamed meeting
18/12/2019Christmas post TBC
25/12/2019Happy Christmas
01/01/2020Happy New Year


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