Cub programme

01/04/2019Unnamed meeting
03/04/2019No cubs tonight
03/04/2019No Cubs
10/04/2019Unnamed meeting
17/04/2019Unnamed meeting
24/04/2019Welcome back Summer term
01/05/2019Open eveningBeavers, cubs and Scouts all lay on activities for prospective children and parents.
08/05/2019Outdoor Survival Dressing appropriately for an outdoor activity nd learning how to keep oneself safe.

Meet at Youlbury Activity Hut
15/05/2019backwoods cooking in a box
22/05/2019Survival- Camp equipment.Learning about campoing and putting up tents, camp gadgets and an outside game.
29/05/2019Half Term
05/06/2019Camping gadgets and pioneeringPioneering
Game of Kubb
12/06/2019Fire station visitVisit Abingdon fire station.
19/06/2019Unnamed meeting
26/06/2019AGMAGM & BBQ
Various activities
03/07/2019Hobbies-Fishing part 1Preparing equipment
10/07/2019Hobbies Fishing Pt 2Go to Abbey grounds pool to ok use rod and floats
17/07/2019End of Term
24/07/2019End of School Term


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