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Thames Ridge District Chess Competition

Chess Competition Shield
The shield for Thames Ridge District Chess Competition

The district chess competition was hosted by the 30th Abingdon Scouts on the 26th November at Abingdon Baptist Church hall. We had 21 Scouts participating which made seven teams. Due to the numbers and time available each game was limited to three minutes. It was a round robin competition where every team had the opportunity play each other. After all the games were played it was a draw on points between 1st Harwell and 30th Abingdon. One last game was played to determine the overall winners. Again, with the time limit imposed, of the three games played by the team’s first game went to 1st Harwell, second a draw and the third to 30th Abingdon. This mean the overall winners was joint between the 1st Harwell and 30th Abingdon.

Many thanks to all who helped organise and transport Scouts and of course to the Scouts who participated. We hope to repeat the event again in November 2015.

Running success

30th Abingdon were successful at the District Cross Country competition on Monday 23rd June.

Scouts from the 30th Abingdon Scout troop filled the top three positions at the Cross Country competition held at Tilsey Park on Monday evening.  Congratulations to them all.

CPCW 2013 success

A patrol from 30th Abingdon have come second at the County Patrol Camping Weekend (CPCW). The patrol, who called themselves “At Ease” came second out of 68 patrols competing.  Two other patrols, “Falcons” and “Alert”, came 22nd and 52nd respectively. This is a fantastic achievement and a credit to their camping ability.

CPCW is a weekend camping competition for scout patrols where they camp without their leaders’ help.  Leaders that do not know the scouts mark them on, among other things,  their camping ability, teamwork, cooking skills and hygiene.