Beavers visit Downing Street

30th Abingdon Beaver Scout Colony celebrated taking part in a social action scheme by visiting Downing Street.

Story by Andy, Beaver Scout parent.

The 30th Abingdon Beavers took part in the A Million Hands scheme which aims to support social issues such as dementia, disability, mental well-being and clean water for all.  30th Abingdon Beaver Scouts pledged to take action on clean water and sanitation with the charity WaterAid. The whole of the 30th Abingdon Beavers were involved in raising money and making a video to raise awareness.  After choosing which social issue to explore, the Beavers then decided to collect, erm, number 1s and number 2s (pennies), to fund a new toilet in Kisima, Democratic Republic of Congo.

During the summer, the Beavers teamed up with the Abingdon Science Partnership and visited Abingdon School science labs to carry out some experiments on water purification techniques such as filtering, evaporation and condensation. The Beavers enjoyed a visit from WaterAid who helped the Beavers understand the importance of having access to clean water and toilets. They learnt about the importance of clean hands using glitter and a lot of hand shaking! The Beavers also made “tippy taps” which not only helped them learn about the preservation of water but also engaged them in some early pioneering skills, using lots of poles and ropes.

Finally, as part of raising awareness, the Beavers made a story board and a video describing what they had learned. Part of this exercise was to help the Beavers learn about presenting their fund raising efforts to an audience.

During the visit to Downing Street each of the Beavers took it in turns to explain their work to several MPs. They also got the opportunity to try out a virtual reality headset of natural disasters and then, like true Beavers, proceeded to help everyone else use the headsets. It was a very long day for the Beavers and tired but successful they headed home after a few photo calls outside number 10 and 11.

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