Beavers Parliament Week

30th Abingdon Beavers took part in Parliament Week on the 15 November.

The meeting hall was set up like Westminster. Abingdon Town Councillor, Samantha Bowring talked with the Beavers about why and how local and national decisions are taken and how she was inspired to become a Councillor to help improve the local parks.

The Beavers formed their own opinions on subjects, such as whether school uniform was a good idea or if voting should be compulsory. They then came up with ideas for the Beaver meeting the week after.

Three ideas were voted on using real voting booths and a ballot box, with the Beavers having to put a cross on the chosen activity. Sledging in the dark won the ballot but we also gained lots of program ideas for next term.

The Beavers went grass sledging in the dark the week after Parliament Week, with the sledges lit up with fairy lights and had great fun.

Grimsdyke Hike 2017

We entered this competition for the first time. We had six Scouts but only five were in the team due to the age restriction for a ‘Junior’ team. The Scouts did great considering that, of the five, only one Scout was invested. The other four were invested on the hike.

Over 13 miles in total and just over 8 hours. For some of the younger ones this was their first time, and I hope not their last. Great navigation, I think we only got lost once and I only needed to correct directions twice.