District Football competition 2015

On the 14th February Scouts from 30th Abingdon Scout Troop entered the Thames Ridge District Scout Football Competition.  Two Scouts write about their experience below.

I enjoyed the football competition on Saturday because it was good fun. We had 5 players in our team, whereas others had 4 or 6 players.  Charlie played in goal and made some good saves, Daniel and Martin were good in defence and Ale and I scored some goals up front.  We played 7 games and won 5 of them.  Overall, we came 2nd in the whole competition. It was a really fun afternoon, and you don’t have to be good at football to do it, you can do it for fun! I would definitely do it again next year.

I think the tournament went very well. Everyone enjoyed it and had lots of fun.  We did very well and came 2nd! We played with a team of five but no subs, so maybe we could get some more people to join our team? This was a great experience and I think everyone who played in the tournament will want to come again next time, Maybe we could host the scouts five aside footy challenge somewhere in Abingdon? I will definitely come again next time.

Winter Challenge 2015

Winter Challenge LogoOn the 7th February 2015, Scouts from the 30th Abingdon Scout Troop took part in the Winter Challenge and completed the 18-mile hike in about 8 hours.  Two of the Scouts write about their experience…

The Winter Challenge was tiring but fun, we had quite an early start time so we left Abingdon at 7am. There were lots of checkpoints on the route, which was good because it gave us small goals and this made it a bit easier. There were places to buy food, I bought a bacon roll and shared sweets with my friends. We finished walking about 4 o’clock.

On 7th February 6 scouts got up very early to be ready to start the winter challenge at 8am. This is a hike from near Swindon towards Didcot. Hundreds of Scouts, Cubs and Beavers from across the county were taking part. It was very cold and misty but we carried on. The bacon butties at checkpoint 3 were very tasty and there were lots of tuck shops selling more chocolate to keep us going. 8 hours later we finally made it to checkpoint 10. 18 miles along the ridgeway. It was a great expedition and I am very pleased to have completed it.

Jumble and Cake Sale

The group’s annual Jumble and Cake Sale raised £348.61 for group funds.  There was a good turnout from people wanting a bargain or a lovely piece of cake. We were fortunate to have help from members of Abingdon Baptist Church, Scouts and their parents without which we would have struggled. Many thanks to those who helped with sorting jumble, baking cakes and manning stalls.

A visitor’s view of the sale is on the Abingdon Blog.