Summer camp 2014

30th Abingdon Scout Troop went to South Wales for their Summer camp this year.  We asked the Scouts to give some feedback on the camp and three replied:

Scouts in hammocks
Scouts sleeping in hammocks

What was the highlight of the camp?

What was the lowlight of the camp?

  • Caving
  • Spraining my ankle and having to go to A&E.
  • There wasn’t a lowlight as I enjoyed everything but not good to fall out of my hammock!

What difficulties did you have on camp?

  • Pioneering
  • It was difficult to get everyone in the patrol to stay focussed on the jobs around the camp, and looking after myself but that will be easier next time.
  • The only difficulty I found was getting back up the top of the ski slope!

What could have been done differently?

  • Nothing.
  • Having to work out what you need to do yourself is part of being a scout so don’t change that. Somewhere to dry wet kit would have helped. I found a week was a long time to be in camp.
  • The washing up rota was quite confusing.

Do you have anything else to add?

White water rafting at Cardiff International White Water.
White water rafting at Cardiff International White Water.
  • This was my second camp. It was really fun because we did tons of interesting activities like white water rafting. I got to camp away from home for a week.  All the other scouts made it great fun. Geoff and James and Ali are good leaders and made sure we were safe and had fun.
  • It was my first full week Scout camp and I had an amazing time. I was a bit nervous about white water rafting but it turned out to be my favourite thing. It was good fun sleeping in the hammocks. I got to know the other Scouts better and made good friends with them. I think it is great that our Scout leader, his wife and assistant Scout leader and parents gave up their time to allow the camp to go ahead. Thank you.